Baked apples, apple pie, tart, strudel & turnovers, applesauce, chutney, jam, chips, pancakes, granola, cider & wine. Apples have almost an endless list of uses.


Smoothie set || Creative market

I can't say I drink smoothie every day, but it's easy way to get more energy while you're in the town for shopping or just go for a walk




The cool of early autumn:
Two voices of people
Walking along the road
Takahama Kyoshi

And here it is. Magical autumn. With its colors, scents and mono no aware.
Walk. Breath. Listen to the leaves rustle. Be delighted. 


Ставлю вещи на свет 
и смотрю, как рождаются тени 
в полдень осенний
Такахама Кёси

И вот она. Волшебная осень. С её оттенками, запахами и печальным очарованием вещейГулять. Дышать. Слушать шорох листьев. Восхищаться. 


Last summer day

According to the ancient Japanese calendar autumn has already begun and I even smell it in the air.

But still today is the official end of the summer. And the color is golden yellow