Redbubble || Review

Recently I've received several Redbubble items so I want to share some words about them.

I'm nuts about kitchenware, but I was a little concerned about putting kitchen patterns on things you won't use in the kitchen. But then I thought, why not, it's the same thing as to worry about not being ​a unicorn herdsman while having unicorns all over your place. So here we are.

What a spacious pouch. It can hold near 23 Touch markers.
100% Polyester with lining, dense enough, well made, YKK zip with metal teeth.
You have to consider that small details of pattern/illustrations won't be so clear because of fabric texture. But it still looks good. Colors are bright. Very useful thing.
5.2″ x 7.3″ | 128 pages | 90 gsm paper stock
Available in a selection of ruled, graph or blank pages.
Solid, pleasant to touch cover. Handy size.
I had not expected much of that paper. But it turns out, that it's good even for markers. They don't leak to the next page.

3.0" x 3.0" | Removable, individually die-cut vinyl. Love them on my notebooks

4" x 6" |300 gsm paper with a satin finish. Supplied with nice kraft envelope

Also I cannot fail to mention lovely Redbubble packaging



As for me, smoothie is a perfect snack while shopping or travelling by car
Redbubble 🍻 🍓



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Need my own EGG reality while this particular one freaks me out